Welcome to the MatrixTrade paid subscription service, and thank you for your business! This is how you access the various parts of the service, depending which packages you have subscribed to. Most of the pages are accessed through the services menu. You must be logged in to access the service. The green panel at the top right of the page should read 'My Account' not 'Login/Register'.



The signals are sent to you by SMS (text message) and email. To receive the SMS, it is important that your mobile number is entered in the ‘My Account’ page with the international prefix. Our SMS provider is in the US, so it is not vital for North American numbers (i.e. +12125550000 is preferred, but 212-555-0000 also works), however despite us being British, 07123 456789, or 7123456789 will not work, it must be +447123456789. Also the 'SMS' box must be checked on the 'My Account' page.

The signals look like this

BUY 1.0545
SL 1.0480
TP 1.0760
RR 3.3
PROB 60%
TRADE 100%

All signals are also listed on the Forex Signals Page where they are separated into unfilled, live, cancelled, and completed. A key is provided for the abbreviations. When you join the service, all the unfilled trades are still valid and orders can be entered. Our current live trades can also be entered, but of course the market may not be as good as the entry price, and if entered as orders, the entry price may not be reached again. Do check though, because in some cases you may be able to enter at a lower price. Note that if you enter an order which is already in profit, the risk/reward ratio will not apply. Our Matrix Score is the return/risk x  probability x 10. You can read more about this on our FAQ page.


The signals look like this

BUY 20566
SL 20500
TP 20850
RR 4.3
PROB 50%
TRADE 100%

All signals are also listed on the Indices Signals Page. All the comments in Forex Signals above also apply.


You will receive some signals that are hedges. If you joined after the original trade being hedged was made, and you are therefore not in it, taking the hedge trade as a naked trade is at your own risk. You can read more about hedging here.


We cover seven forex pairs, accessible from the Forex Analysis Menu. Each button leads to a full analysis page. You can see when the last update was done at the top right of the page. The analysis is split into short (48H), medium (10D), and long (3M) sections. We update the short-term section at least every two days, and usually every day. Each section has a annotated chart, with the all-important future projection shown as a white line, followed by a commentary, and then there may be additional evidence charts to support the commentary and projection. These evidence charts are also annotated. On desktop web browsers, the charts are all shown as thumbnails, but instantly expand when you click on them.

The menu page is open to all site visitors, but only subscribers can access the individual instruments. Note that we occasionally issue analysis subscribers with SMS messages, but this is very rare.


We cover five indices, gold and oil. The menus are as follows

Indices is at http://www.matrixtrade.com/indices/
Gold and oil are at http://www.matrixtrade.com/commodities/

Each button leads to a full analysis page. You can see when the last update was done at the top right of the page. The analysis is split into short (48H), medium (10D), and long (3M) sections. We update the short-term section at least every two days, and usually every day. Also for two markets, DAX and SPX, we also do an 8-hour section for day traders, using the 5-minute chart. This is updated every day, normally before relevant market opens. The other comments in Forex Analysis also apply.


We have launched a new individual (US) stocks analysis service which is currently free to all users. Any signals on this service are shown on the page, and no messages are issued.
We issue occasional emails during the week to subscribers (both signals and analysis, although the links at the bottom of the email only work for analysis subscribers.
Using a separate system, we also issue a weekly report each weekend, summarising last week and looking ahead. All paid subscribers receive this. If you wish to subscribe, or see past emails, please click here

All paid subscribers, irrespective of package, can also access our premium posts section, a collection of articles on longer term macro themes. This where we publish articles on current themes. Paid subscribers can of course also access our free resources such as our free members page and our open news blog.


The services you have subscribed to are listed at the bottom of the ‘My Account’ page. You can use this page to amend your mobile phone number and select whether or not you want to receive SMS messages. At the moment, subscription and unsubscription to our daily email system is manual, please let us know. Our weekly email can be subscribed/unsubscribed using the link above.


If you have subscribed after previously setting up a 'free' account earlier, or you have re-subscribed after a lapse or cancellation, it is possible that your browser will 'remember' your old status, and access may not be immediate. In this case, you should try each step below, ie try the first one and see if the problem is fixed, if not, try the second one, etc.
1. Log out and back in again (logging out is in 'My Account'). This fixes the problem in 90% of cases.. 
2. Clear your browser cache. Instructions can be found here. This is NOT the same as deleting history/passwords etc.
3. Remove any matrixtrade.com cookies in your browser. Instructions can be found here to specifically remove our cookies only. Some browsers (ie on phones) may require you to delete all cookies.
If this still doesn't work, contact us.
Please email us if you want to do this. You can always cancel your repeat subscription directly from your Paypal account and we will be notified. If you do this, we will write to you to confirm when your existing subscription ends.
If you have any questions about your account please email admin@matrixtrade.com. If you want to speak to Ed Matts directly about our content, please email trading@matrixtrade.com