Matrix Trades was launched on 3 June 2016. Performance reports from trade signals issued are prepared separately for each month. Please note that signals are allocated to the date (and therefore the month) that the trade was filled, not the date the order was first issued.

You can also download a spreadsheet of every individual trade up to the end of last month which will verify the figures shown.


We list below all our closed trades for the current month. Unfilled and live trades are only available to subscribers from the trades page. In the early days of a month, our performance may look poor, as failed trades tend to last much less time than successful ones.

If you would like to achieve these returns, please visit our Subscription page. We also offer a month's Free Trial of our services


Order TypeInstrTFEDSLTPRRPMTHFilled Closed PL%Notes
05-Aug09:53ICDAX48H12737S12865126073.060%18.1100%05-Aug09:5307-Aug07:311301.02%OTP 12350