IF you would like a free month's access to our entire signals and analysis service, please follow the instructions below. We do not ask for a credit card or any payment information. Access will be immediate. If you have any questions, please let us know by email or use our Contact form.

If you have registered with us in the past, you can still have the trial. However, please create a new account, as we are in the process of deleting old inactive accounts, whether paid or free. Please note we only allow one free trial per six months, repeat 'free trial' accounts will be terminated without notice.

  1. Click on the green LOGIN/REGISTER button on the right of the menu bar
  2. Complete the 'Account Detail' section providing an email and password
  3. Your address is not essential for trials, so please enter 0 in Address Line 1, and in 0 in Postcode.
  4. If you want to receive trade signals via SMS, please enter a mobile/cell number (otherwise enter 0). Unless you are in North America, the number should include the full international prefix. Also please check the 'SMS' box on the account page. You cannot receive SMS signals without this.
  5. Select your home country.
  6. Enter CLARITY (in capitals) in the Coupon Code box.
  7. Click on the CREATE ACCOUNT box.

The free trial will not work without the CLARITY code. If you forget, just reload 'My Account' and amend it.

Our SMS signals are sent from a US provider, so if not in North America, we need the full prefix ie starting with +44 7 for UK or +34 6 for Spain. US/Canada/Caribbean cell numbers can be entered normally, the +1 is optional.

After creating your account, you will be asked to login Please do so, then see for details of how the service works.

You will also be added to the paid subscribers and general newsletter lists, and have full access to customer service as if you were a paid member. The free trial will last at least one month, maybe more, and we'll tell you when it ends.

For some reason, a lot of people don't add the CLARITY code, don't enter the phone number correctly and don't check the SMS box. This is why they are in bold.

If you do not want the free trial, but just our free weekend newsletter, click HERE.  Existing registered 'free' users and former paid customers should just update their accounts with the coupon code CLARITY, there is no need to create a new account. However, if you cannot login with your 'old' account, please create a new one

Note that people who sign up for repeated free trials under different email addresses will have the trials terminated without notice when we spot them. You should easily be able to cover the cost of our service even trading a $5,000 account. We only allow one free trial per six months.


28 Oct 19
An issue has arisen with very old 'free' accounts where after (successful) login, the 'Login' green button does not change to 'My Account', which means you are unable to enter the account and insert the CLARITY code. This problem is intermittent and seems to be largely related to Google Chrome, and sometimes after selecting a subscriber-only page, the problem resolves itself. If you get this, please try a few pages on the site (particularly the subscription ones), and consider the actions in the 'Technical Issues' section of our Welcome page. If still unresolved, either email us, or create a new account.