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May-16-2021    Inflation - Sell in May and Inflate Away
May-12-2021    Inflation: A Moot Point
May-09-2021    Three Dimensional Chess Master
May-07-2021    NFP is Never Black and White
May-02-2021    Great Expectations
Apr-28-2021    Indices & Forex Analysis - FOMC Day - Apr 28
Apr-25-2021    The Impact of Discounting
Apr-22-2021    Indices & Forex Analysis - ECB Day - Apr 22
Apr-18-2021    Front Running Seasonality
Apr-11-2021    How To Discount The News
Apr-02-2021    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - Apr 02
Mar-29-2021    The Changing Stock-Bond Relationship
Mar-21-2021    Higher or Lower for Longer
Mar-17-2021    Indices & Forex Analysis - FOMC Day - Mar 17
Mar-14-2021    A Series of (Un)Fortunate Events
Mar-11-2021    Indices & Forex Analysis - ECB Day - Mar 11
Mar-07-2021    The Temper Tantrum Party
Mar-05-2021    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - 05 Mar
Feb-28-2021    Wedge Way Now
Feb-21-2021    Seen The Last?
Feb-14-2021    The Wonderful but Wild Vaccine Party
Feb-07-2021    Amazing Triangles
Feb-05-2021    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - 04 Feb
Jan-31-2021    The Rock of Stocks
Jan-28-2021    Indices & Forex Analysis - FOMC Day - Jan 27
Jan-24-2020    The Black Sheep
Jan-21-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - ECB Day - Jan 21
Jan-17-2021    The Crowded Bus
Jan-10-2021    As Goes January, So Goes The Year
Jan-08-2021    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - Jan 08
Jan-03-2021    Do More Than Trade Hope 2021