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Dec-31-2017    2018: The Year of the Dog
Dec-23-2017    Christmas 2017
Dec-17-2017    The Santa Rally
Dec-13-2017    FOMC
Dec-10-2017    Need Emotional Strength?
Dec-08-2017    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP - Dec 08
Dec-03-2017    A Taxing Week
Nov-26-2017    No Fat Fingers
Nov-23-2017    Indices & Forex Analysis -Thanksgiving to Year End - 23 Nov
Nov-22-2017    Indices & Forex Analysis - FOMC Minutes - Nov 22
Nov-19-2017    The Melting Pot
Nov-12-2017    The Emotional Market
Nov-05-2017    The Fat Pitch
Nov-03-2017    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP DAY - 03 November
Nov-02-2017    Indices & Forex Analysis - Bank of England - Nov 02
Nov-01-2017    Indices & Forex Analysis - FOMC - 01 Nov
Oct-29-2017    Time to Shift
Oct-26-2017    Indices and Forex Analysis - ECB Day - Oct 26
Oct-22-2017    2017: The Year of Pure Torture‚Ķ.
Oct-19-2017    Indices & Forex Analysis -The Light at the End of the Tunnel -19 Oct
Oct-16-2017    The Nikkei - USDJPY Trial Separation
Oct-15-2017    An Elephant Never Forgets
Oct-10-2017    Indices & Forex Analysis -Correlating Madness -10 Oct
Oct-08-2017    Will There Be A Crash?
Oct-05-2017    SPX Blowout & Crash Update
Oct-02-2017    SPX Crash Special
Oct-01-2017    All About Scale and Sentiment Now
Sep-29-2017    Spanish Vino Con Tonic
Sep-26-2017    A Politically Uncertain Week
Sep-24-2017    Time For Save Havens
Sep-22-2017    Indices and Forex Analysis - Market Moving Politics - Election Special - Sep 22
Sep-20-2017    Indices & Forex Analysis - FOMC Day - Prepared for Others to be Disappointed - 20 Sep
Sep-17-2017    The Virtual Crash
Sep-13-2017    Crash Trade Portfolio #2 - USD Forex
Sep-10-2017    How To Trade A Crash
Sep-08-2017    Crash Trade Portfolio #1
Sep-07-2017    ECB Day : The Dichotomy
Sep-03-2017    Twist and Shout
Aug-27-2017    The Crash Trade Portfolio
Aug-24-2017    The Irony of Jackson Hole - August 24
Aug-20-2017    The Crash
Aug-18-2017    Indices & Forex Analysis- Have We Seen The Top?! - Aug 18
Aug-16-2017    FOMC - More than Minutes to the Top - Aug 16
Aug-13-2017    This Time is Different
Aug-11-2017    Indices & Forex Analysis - True or False Dawn - Aug 11
Aug-09-2017    Indices & Forex Analysis - Complacent Lazy Summer - 09 Aug
Aug-06-2017    Trading the Last Stages of A Trend
Aug-04-2017    Indices and Forex Analysis -
Aug-03-2017    Market Top Survey
Aug-01-2017    Indices and Forex Analysis - Perspective - Aug 01
Jul-30-2017    Lots of Sentiment
Jul-23-2017    Markets Are Hitting Extremes
Jul-16-2017    Has the Dollar Collapse Started?
Jul-09-2017    Rearranging Deckchairs on the Titanic
Jul-02-2017    Has The Market Topped?
Jun-25-2017    The Smoking Cigar
Jun-18-2017    Why Is This Week Significant?
Jun-11-2017    Something Unexpected
Jun-08-2017    Matrix UK Election GBP Special
Jun-05-2017    Lock Stock & Barrel into a Crash
May-28-2017    From The Impossible To The Possible
May-21-2017    Smoking Gun Has Been Fired!
May-14-2017    It's All Coming Together
May-07-2017    Has The Final Leg Started?
Apr-30-2017    Sell in May and Go Away
Apr-23-2017    The French Election
Apr-17-2017    We have nothing to fear but fear itself
Apr-09-2017    Are You Nervous?
Apr-02-2017    How to make 39% next quarter
Mar-26-2017    What Happens When Volatility Increases and Momentum Falls?
Mar-19-2017    Fantasy Markets
Mar-12-2017    Newsletter March 11th
Mar-05-2017    How To Trade a Real Bubble
Feb-26-2017    The Trump Effect is falling apart!
Feb-19-2017    Milestones in Manias
Feb-12-2017    1929 Birthday
Feb-05-2017    Dollar Miracle
Jan-29-2017    Fragmentation
Jan-25-2017    Trump Ramp
Jan-22-2017    Volatile Volatility Week 22012017
Jan-15-2017    WEEK 1501
Jan-13-2017    Forex Outlook
Jan-08-2017    Outlook for 2017