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Dec-31-2016    The Year 2016
Dec-18-2016    Santa
Dec-18-2016    Santa Rally
Dec-11-2016    1929 Style Blowout
Dec-04-2016    The Italian Job
Nov-27-2016    ThirdWeekTrump
Nov-20-2016    The Italian Trump Card
Nov-07-2016    Election RIP
Oct-30-2016    Rock and Hard Place
Oct-30-2016    RED DEVIL
Oct-23-2016    Disconnect US Election
Oct-16-2016    W/E 14/10
Oct-09-2016    A WEEK OF MISSES
Oct-02-2016    Sub Launch
Sep-25-2016    Pre Sub Run In
Sep-18-2016    Disappointment
Sep-11-2016    Mini Crash

These are archives from Ed Matts' earlier work prior to the foundation of MatrixTrade in June 2016

Mar-07-2016    The Matrix Trade
Jan-03-2016    Happy New Year
Dec-24-2015    Merry Christmas
Dec-13-2015    USRateHike
May-31-2015    YenBigTrade
Jan-04-2015    NewYear2015
Jun-26-2014    Email
Jun-02-2014    FirstMondayJuneHK
May-29-2014    Hong Kong Phooey?
May-28-2014    NikkeiDOW2805
May-15-2014    Nikkei = > DAX =>
May-12-2014    Medium Term Break
May-07-2014    Yellen Fractal
May-02-2014    Fractal Match
Apr-28-2014    Signing Off
Apr-25-2014    Generation Trade
Apr-24-2014    Recognise this.....
Apr-23-2014    Fine Tuning
Apr-22-2014    A New Outlook?
Apr-17-2014    Short Term Fractals
Apr-16-2014    Quick Update
Apr-16-2014    Was That It?
Apr-14-2014    Fractal Anniversary?
Apr-13-2014    Intern Thanks
Apr-11-2014    Don't Like Mondays?
Apr-10-2014    Too Good to be True?
Apr-09-2014    Flash Crash?!
Apr-08-2014    The Last Correction
Apr-06-2014    Key Day Fractal
Apr-04-2014    DJIA Fractal Context
Apr-02-2014    Fractal Impatience
Apr-01-2014    Fractal Update
Mar-31-2014    FTSE-DJIA
Mar-30-2014    DJIA SPX Fractals
Mar-28-2014    DAX Fractal
Mar-26-2014    DJIA SPX Fractals