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At Matrix we aim to be consistently ahead of the market. Follow our lead for regular profitable trades in the market.


Matrix is a macro trading service that provides evidenced based analysis (Markets), trade signals (Trades) and education (Academy) for the currency, stock and commodity markets. We take, what we believe to be., the best analytical and trading approaches and combine them into an optimal trading approach for any given situation. We recognise the changing complex reality of both the markets and trader and translate that into simple sustained successful trading.

Complexity   =>   Simplicity   =>   Profit   <= Needs   <= Trader

Markets are complex. They reflect the real world to a varying extent. Just as the real world changes so the market’s perception of that reality changes to a greater or lesser extent. The resulting impact on supply and demand and hence price is neither always proportionate nor uniform but can still be predictable. Both complex and simple approaches can and do capture this movement sometimes but frequently miss. Some traditional approaches are in themselves too ‘hit and miss’.  Matrix therefore seeks to find and use the most suitable method at the most suitable time through FITS technology (Fundamental, Intermarket, Technical and Sentiment analysis). It is no good being right in the wrong market.


Markets are different but similar. There are many drivers that can move a market. And yet there are fewer possible outcomes. This helps analysis of markets through comparison of different drivers and resulting price action (fractal analysis enabling the most effective trading strategies. If a particular trading strategy worked the best in a previous market, then it stand a good chance of working well in a similar current market.


Every trader is similar but different. Every trader is similar in that they want to achieve the maximum profit for the minimum risk (drawdown). However, some work full-time and require intraday guidance, others look at the market less frequently, and want longer-term signals. Our analysis is therefore presented in a concise accessible format over different time frames. Trading signals are necessarily a function of market conditions. But the resulting variety of risk/return set ups, time frames and probabilities enable the trader to pick and choose those trades that suit them most.


Matrix Trade seeks to educate and meet the aspirations of the aspiring trader. To show them how they can achieve consistent higher returns as a professional trader and do it themselves, and therefore achieve the lifestyle and independence they seek. Some systems claim extravagant returns and make impossible claims. They not only fail but even ruin people. By showing how the trader can achieve sustainable trading success and best protect their capital at the same time, it also seeks to reassure.

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