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May-15-2022    After the Bubble
May-08-2022    Dollar Top Or Breakout?
May-06-2022    NFP Preview
May-04-2022    FOMC Preview
May-01-2022    Fed in May
Apr-24-2022    Trading Gaps in Earnings Season
Apr-18-2022    Reflections on Ed Matts
Apr-11-2022    Sequence of Blowouts
Apr-03-2022    How to Manage Rising Rates
Apr-01-2022    NFP Preview
Mar-27-2022    Extreme Opportunities
Mar-21-2022    Climb A Ladder of Opportunity
Mar-14-2022    Crime and Punishment
Mar-10-2022    ECB Preview
Mar-06-2022    A State of Limbo
Mar-04-2022    NFP Preview
Feb-28-2022    Trading War
Feb-20-2022    Sentimental Volatility
Feb-13-2022    The Mangled Dollar
Feb-06-2022    How to Tame A Wild Tiger
Feb-04-2022    NFP Preview
Feb-03-2022    ECB Preview
Jan-30-2022    Profiting from Price and Emotion
Jan-26-2022    FOMC Preview
Jan-23-2022    Which Will You Pick?
Jan-17-2022    The Cactus Economy
Jan-09-2022    The January Condition
Jan-07-2022    NFP Preview
Jan-03-2022    Trade More Than Hope in 2022