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May-22-2023    What New Highs Mean for the Bull Market
May-14-2023    Does FANG Hold The Key?
May-07-2023    Opportunity from Crisis
May-05-2023    NFP Preview
May-03-2023    FOMC Preview
Apr-30-2023    Sell in May?
Apr-23-2023    Toppy Wedges
Apr-16-2023    EURUSD – Breakout or Fakeout?
Apr-09-2023    Why Inflation Won't Let the Fed Cut
Apr-02-2023    What Lies Ahead for SPX in Q2?
Mar-26-2023    Hard to Short a Crisis
Mar-22-2023    FOMC Preview
Mar-19-2023    Banking Turmoil into FOMC
Mar-12-2023    SIVB and CPI : The Week Ahead
Mar-10-2023    NFP Preview
Mar-05-2023    Action Packed Week Ahead
Feb-26-2023    There Is An Alternative
Feb-19-2023    Tech Looking Toppy
Feb-11-2023    Don't Fight the Fed (but Don’t Trust Them Either)
Feb-05-2023    Signs of Exuberance?
Feb-01-2023    FOMC Preview
Jan-29-2023    Restraining the Bull
Jan-22-2023    Outlook for the Euro
Jan-15-2023    The Fed Has Won
Jan-08-2023    Dollar Turn
Jan-06-2023    NFP Preview
Jan-01-2023    Outlook for 2023