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Dec-27-2020    Will This Year Be Any Different?
Dec-20-2020    A Christmas Carol
Dec-16-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - FOMC Day - Dec 16
Dec-13-2020    The Wall of Worry
Dec-10-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - ECB Day - Dec 10
Dec-06-2020    Rotational Madness
Dec-04-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - Dec 04
Nov-29-2020    Is This Time any Different
Nov-23-2020    The Dollar Balance
Nov-16-2020    Will the Market RIP?
Nov-09-2020    No Time to be Sentimental
Nov-06-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - Nov 06
Nov-05-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - FOMC Day - Nov 05
Nov-03-2020    US Election Game Plan / Changer
Nov-02-2020    Uncertainty about Uncertainty – US Election
Oct-29-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - ECB Day - Oct 29
Oct-25-2020    Winner Takes All
Oct-19-2020    The Precedential Election
Oct-12-2020    He Who Pays The Piper
Oct-05-2020    The Great Debate
Oct-02-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - Oct 02
Sep-27-2020    Market Animals
Sep-20-2020    The Policy Differential
Sep-16-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - FOMC Day - Sep 16
Sep-13-2020    The Game Changer
Sep-10-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - ECB Day - Sep 10
Sep-06-2020    Splitting the Difference
Sep-04-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - Sep 04
Aug-30-2020    The Virtual Reality Of Jackson Hole
Aug-23-2020    What Do Markets Say about the US Election
Aug-17-2020    The US Election - Part 1
Aug-10-2020    Shooting Currency Pairs
Aug-07-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - Aug 07
Aug-02-2020    Catch A Currency
Jul-29-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - FOMC Day - Jul 29
Jul-26-2020    Three Dimensional Chess
Jul-19-2020    The Wise Men of COVID-19
Jul-12-2020    The Quiet Before the Storm
Jul-05-2020    A Sea Of Dollars
Jul-02-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - Jul 02
Jun-28-2020    The Flu Jab
Jun-21-2020    Brrrrrr... The Ultrasound of Printing Machines
Jun-15-2020    How to Have Cake and Eat It
Jun-10-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - FOMC Day - Jun 10
Jun-07-2020    The Year Of The Lemming
Jun-05-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - Jun 05
Jun-04-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - ECB Day - Jun 04
May-31-2020    Where Do You Place Your Bets?
May-24-2020    To Be or Not to be a Hero
May-17-2020    A Market For Red Herrings
May-10-2020    The Sentimental Coronavirus Market
May-08-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - May 08
May-01-2020    Sell in May and Go Away?!
Apr-30-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - ECB Day - Apr 30
Apr-28-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - FOMC Day - Apr 29
Apr-26-2020    What Happens to Other Markets After A Crash
Apr-20-2020    What Happens After A Crash?
Apr-13-2020    Analysis of the Century
Apr-06-2020    New Phase in Coronavirus Markets
Apr-03-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - Apr 03
Mar-30-2020    The Fed Cat Bounce
Mar-22-2020    What is Really Happening?
Mar-15-2020    How To Enter an Amazing Trade
Mar-12-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - ECB Day - Mar 12
Mar-08-2020    How to Trade an Impending Crash (Part One)
Mar-06-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - Mar 06
Mar-01-2020    Correction or Crash?
Feb-23-2020    How To Trade Like The Best Part 1
Feb-20-2020    Inflection Point
Feb-16-2020    2020 : The Sentimental Year
Feb-09-2020    Rising the Crest of a Wave throughout 2020
Feb-07-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - Feb 07
Feb-02-2020    The Wild Rotation of 2020
Jan-29-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - FOMC Day - Jan 29
Jan-26-2020    No Time To Die
Jan-23-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - ECB Day - Jan 23
Jan-19-2020    To Infinity and Beyond
Jan-12-2020    The Fundamental Introduction to The Year
Jan-10-2020    Indices & Forex Analysis - NFP Day - Jan 10
Jan-05-2020    As Goes January So Goes the Year